Breaking it down

1. Lets talk

We’ll work out a time to chat with you and understand your goals, what you’re looking for and map out how we can best assist you with your needs. Every doctor locums for different reasons and we will customise our service to suit you and your personal preferences, whether that be how you’d like to be contacted, your preferred location of work as well as the length and pay rate of the locum position.

2. Welcome to Atmos

Excited to have you on board! We’re here to make it easy, we’ll send you a welcome pack which outlines all that’s required to locum in a simple step by step process.

3. Take your pick

Based off our initial conversation we now understand exactly what you’re looking for. We will keep you regularly updated with work available in your field. You can expect us to be pro-active in the job search. You’ll now understand the details of the  proposed position, pay rate, on-call and after hours, travel allowances and payment method.

4. I've chosen a locum role, what happens next?

We present an application to the hospital on your behalf, once successful we will coordinate your travel, accommodation and credentialing. Doing the heavy lifting for you. You will be sent a preplacement email before commencement, this will outline your travel and accommodation itinerary, details of who to meet and where to go on your first day at the hospital.

5. We are still here

We want to ensure your locum experience goes as smoothly as possible. We will check in with you within the first few days of the locum to see how you have settled into the role and to see if there is anything we can support you with.

6. How did it go?

Let us know how it went, we value your feedback! It’s important to us that the role met your expectations and if there is anything that could be done differently to improve the experience for next time.

7. We go again!

Let us know when you are next available to pick up some locum work and we will start the process again!