FAQ's About Locum Work

If you are looking for a little more information on locum work, you’ve come to the right place. If you had anything specific you’d like answered please get it touch directly.

What type of doctor usually fills locum work?

In our experience we have found that there are generally 3 types of doctor who pick up locum work.

How do I get paid?

How you are paid depends on where you work, there are generally 3 ways to be paid.

  • You may be paid fortnightly on the hospitals payroll (hourly rate + superannuation) 
  • You may be paid on our payroll, PAYG.  Some hospitals ask that agencies manage payment to their doctors. (You will be taxed according to ATO guidelines).  You can also be paid directly into your Company or Trust if you have one setup.  We have a weekly payroll.
  • The third option is to be paid  through an ABN (only at certain locations). Payment via this form is considered a ‘flat rate’ (inclusive of super)  you are paid this as a gross amount.  Payments can typically take up to 30 days via this method.
Will travel and accomodation be included in my locum?

Typically most regional hospitals offer travel and accommodation to locum doctors – The details of such will be all included in the job alerts you receive.  Metropolitan hospitals generally do not provide any travel or accommodation.

What hospitals can I work at?

We work across all states and territories across Australia, if there is something you like the look of, let us know and we’ll make it happen.  

What pay should I expect?

Pay rates will vary dependant on what state or hospital and health service you are working with. Rates can vary dependant on the urgency of the job that needs to be filled. Hospital and health services set the pay rates, however they can be negotiable in some circumstances. Please refer to the medical specialties tab for a breakdown of expected rates within each specialty

Who takes care of my paperwork?

When registering with us we will send you an information pack that details the essential documentation we require from you in order to locum. We have a dedicated compliance coordinator who will be in contact with you regarding hospital specific paperwork once a locum role is secured.

I am a Junior doctor, will I be left unsupervised in the department by myself?

Before you accept any assignment you will be well informed about the role, the levels of staffing, expectations of you and the responsibilities you’d hold.   

Commonly asked questions about locum work