How we started

Atmos founders, Matt and Reece both grew up in the rural areas of western Victoria, Australia and the lower North Island of New Zealand.  Coming from these regions they’ve seen first hand  the importance that health practitioners play in these country communities.

Matt’s previous profession was as a primary school teacher and he taught across Australia and in England.  After enjoying (mostly!) this for several years he decided to pack up the whiteboard and explore something new, swapping the classroom to be a recruitment consultant in the office.

Reece grew up on a family run dairy farm and went on to study agriculture, his passion for farming took him over to Australia and the UK where he managed farms along the way – He still has a deep sense of connection with his country roots.

Whilst being a natural people person, Reece decided to trade the tractor for the headset and found his calling in recruitment, with his country charm and quick wit medical recruitment was his perfect fit.

They crossed paths whilst working at the same medical recruitment agency in Sydney. Both establishing that coming from similar backgrounds, their values aligned and over a coffee and swim at Clovelly they discussed the idea of creating a company which they could be proud of and that doctors would be proud to work for.